Improve is the industry’s link between employers and government on skills – articulating and championing the sector’s needs to government business and skills stakeholders



Improve’s operational delivery in England is increasingly being taken forward by sister organisation the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink. Improve’s roles in qualification development, research and setting the National Occupation Standards are complemented by the Academy’s position as a catalyst for positive change in the skills system and an unbiased source of specialist industry training.



Improve Scotland oversees the operation of the Scotland Food & Drink Skills Academy (SFDSA) and works with a range of key stakeholders including Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Funding Council. Other stakeholders in the SFDSA include Scottish Enterprise, Scotland Food & Drink and a range of employers representing key food and drink sectors.



Improve Wales operates as the voice of Food & Drink Manufacturing on skills in Wales and champions the sector’s needs to the Welsh Government. Key activity includes support for the strategic action plan for the sector led by the Food & Drink Wales Industry Board.

Northern Ireland


Improve is represented in Northern Ireland through its partnership with Food & Drink Sector Skills - an employer -led body that champions the skills agenda on behalf of Northern Ireland’s Agri-food sector. 


About Improve

Researching and fulfilling the needs of the Food & Drink Industry


The Strategic Voice for the Industry

Improve provides the strategic overview for the Food & Drink Manufacturing sector to help increase performance and productivity. Being partly government and partly self-funded, Improve is perfectly placed to be the voice of  employers and government – articulating and championing the sector’s needs to government skills bodies, reporting back on government policy and how it affects the sector.

National Occupational Standards

Working with employers of all sizes across the UK, Improve continuously develops suites of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the Food & Drink Industry. NOS are guidelines of what an individual needs to do, know and understand in order to carry out a job role or function. They are useful guides for employers in a number of ways including benchmarking their staff and drawing up job descriptions. All qualifications are based on and linked to NOS.

Research for the Food & Drink Industry

The work Improve carries out cannot be delivered without indepth research into the skills landscape across the UK. Improve's research provides the basis for the development of qualifications, ensuring that they are in-line with industry needs.

Qualification Development

Improve works with employers and stakeholders in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland to ensure valid qualifications are available to meet the needs of the Food & Drink Industry.

Improve uses Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) to confirm industry requirements in order to develop and approve qualifications which reflect the demands of different types of businesses and a wide range of roles in the sector. Consultation with employers and stakeholders is crucial to make sure the qualifications contain the right mix of skills and knowledge needed to work effectively in the Food & Drink Industry.

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